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M.Sait YARDIMCI / Chairman & Field Producer

Sait YARDIMCI, who serves as the esteemed Chairman of the Turkish Film Commission, has gained a coveted reputation as a Film Field Producer known for his advanced problem-solving skills and extensive connections in the film industry. His ability to overcome challenges, combined with meticulous attention to detail, has made him an invaluable asset within the industry.

Born in vibrant Istanbul in 1966, Sait YARDIMCI was introduced to the captivating world of films at an early age. This early encounter sparked a lifelong interest in the logistical complexities of film production and reinforced his dedication to ensuring smooth operations and achieving the unattainable.

After completing his education in Cultural Heritage and Tourism at a renowned university, Sait embarked on his professional journey in the hospitality sector. He began as a receptionist at various well-known hotels and gradually rose to leadership positions such as Front Office Manager, Deputy General Manager, and ultimately General Manager. After leaving the accommodation industry, he utilized his business skills to establish his own travel agency, providing opportunities to collaborate with international travel giants such as TUI and Abercrombie Kent, and interact with clients from different regions of the world, deepening his understanding of diverse cultures.

During this period, Sait YARDIMCI started assisting foreign film companies with their production requirements in Turkey. His ability to overcome unexpected problems during shoots caught the attention of industry veterans, leading to his widespread recognition as a talented Field Producer.

Over the years, Sait has contributed to a wide range of projects, from small independent productions to high-budget cinema films, as well as taking on the role of producer for various TV shows and content on Turkish TV channels. As a Field Producer his primary role is to address logistical obstacles that arise during production. This includes securing shooting permits, coordinating with local authorities, managing tight schedules, and overcoming language and cultural differences in international shoots.

Sait has built a reliable network of professional connections and established a wide- ranging professional communication network over the years. He has proven his effectiveness and efficiency in securing exclusive shooting locations, assembling expert teams, and managing emergency situations that may arise during shoots.

Directors, producers, and other industry professionals hold Sait in high regard and admiration for his dedication, professionalism, and unwavering commitment to the success of every project. His ability to adapt to different environments and find creative solutions under high pressure makes him an indispensable presence for global film producers.

Sait YARDIMCI’s extensive portfolio includes collaborations with renowned broadcasting and production networks such as Discovery Channel, History Channel, NHK TV Channel in Japan, and Balaji Telefilms, a leading Bollywood production company in India. These projects have showcased his ability to manage both large- scale international productions and nuanced local projects. In addition, he has provided significant support to numerous British and European film production companies. His understanding and adaptability to the expectations of these international collaborations have not only contributed to the successful execution of projects but also solidified Sait YARDIMCI’s reputation as a sought-after Field Producer on a global scale.

Today, Sait YARDIMCI continues to elevate industry standards as a Field Producer consistently surpassing expectations in every new project. His passion for cinema and his unwavering determination to overcome any obstacle have made him a unique figure in the industry. Sait YARDIMCI’s expert problem-solving skills continue to play a crucial role in bringing captivating stories to the silver screen.

Sait Yardimici, with his wide-ranging experience as a field producer, is integral in the film and television production industry, executing a key role in managing on-location and remote shoots. His responsibilities involve an intimate collaboration with directors, production teams, and crew members to ensure a seamless implementation of production plans and capturing top-tier content. His expertise spans across both the logistical and creative dimensions of on-location filming.

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Cahit Akyol / Member Of the Supervisory Board

Cahit Akyol / Member Of the Supervisory Board

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