Mr. Yardimci is currently the Chairman of the Turkish Film Commission and is key to developing projects and putting in place financing and location services.

He was the visionary on numerous high-profile projects, and was responsible for bringing Bollywood movie and television producers to shoot their productions in Turkey. He also provided location services for a commercial for Fiat shot in Istanbul, the very popular TV series “Kasam See” and “Kayamat” in India and the feature film “Mission Istanbul”.

Since 1996, Mr. Yardimci has also served as Chairman of Medisa Films & Entertainment with the principle aim of encouraging international film producers to consider Turkey as an exciting, vibrant and dynamic location option. Medisa Films is an international team of bilingual, hard working people with a truly hands-on attitude.

Mr. Yardimci brings a wealth of international production business knowledge and thoughtful distribution strategy to the team.