İzmir is a contemporary, developed, and at the same time, busy commercial center. At the west of İzmir lies the Çeşme peninsula, with its wonderfully colored sea, beaches and thermal centers. The Ancient Ephesus City placed among the most famous ancient cities is included ın the boundaries of İzmir. İzmir İzmir. İzmir is a typical example of the Aegean coastline. On the west, İzmir embraces the gulf bearing its name. As İzmir is one of the most commercially lively cities, transportation is quite developed. Access to İzmir is very easy by air, sea and railway. İzmir is among Turkey’s main cities in terms of tourism. Apart from the city of İzmir, its districts and towns’ tourism liveless is also great. Besides its natural and historical beauty, İzmir’s accommodation facilities are also much developed. You can find accommodation facilities at all levels in İzmir’s tourism centers.