Production Guide





Foreign film producers, directors and companies who want to shoot a film in Turkey have to apply to the Directorate General of Cinema to obtain filming permit.


One member of the foreign crew (the director or the producer) have to fill out and sign the application form in English or in Turkish.

It has to be stated in the application form that a DVD copy of the film/programme will be sent to the Directorate of Cinema after its release.

Filming Permit Application Form please contact :

The list with the names, surnames, work and home addresses and telephone numbers and the passport photocopies of all the crew members has to be enclosed to the form. Please give a number to each person in the list and write the same number on his/her passport photocopy.

According to the regulations, during the film shooting it is obligatory to have at least one host who is a citizen of the Turkish Republic.

Your host has to send us application form for host.

Your host’s copy of identity card and reference letter or student certificate has to be enclosed to the form.

Your host has to call us to confirm that we have received the documents.

Application Form For Host  and Host’ s Assessment Report

The documents have to be sent via e-mail to

If you choose to send us via post, you are requested to send a petition (with original signature) asking for permission.

Then, the permission document will be sent to you or your host via e – mail.

You can apply to the Turkish Embassy or Consulate in your country to receive information about the visa

Before shooting the film in Turkey, you have to apply to the Governership or the Directorate of Culture and Tourism of the cities where you will shoot the film.


With regard to production of cinematographic works approved by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, foreign film producers can receive returns of the VAT paid during procurement and import of the goods and services that they buy within the duration of film shooting.

Foreign film producers can submit their requests for VAT returns to one of the below mentioned offices.

Ankara Tax Department – Başkent Tax Office,

İstanbul Tax Department – Beyoğlu Tax Office

İzmir Tax Department – Konak Tax Office

Foreign film producers can submit their requests of VAT returns by a petition to the relevant tax office following the duration of film shooting which is designated by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism expires.

VAT returns are processed on condition that a report drawn up by a certified financial accountant (CFA) is submitted.

VAT returns are finalised in 30 days following a complete CFA report is submitted.

Deduction of Income and Corporate Tax

100 % of the expenditures regarding;

The production and activities of intangible cultural heritage, fine arts, cinema, contemporary and traditional handicraft as well as research, training or implementation centers in these areas;

Setting up studios and film sets; relevant maintenance and repair work; provision of all kinds of tools and equipment; film production;

Donations and supports made for aforementioned purposes can be deducted from the tax base which is declared for income tax